In 1998, he joined a singing group who featured on local legend Raheem's, "Most Beautiful Girl.” Shortly after, the group disassembled and Terius Nash was reborn. By 2003, after sharpening his pen and being sought after locally in Atlanta, the Bankhead prodigy would land his first real record on then platinum group B2K, penning the R&B jam "Everything." This song marked the first time The Dream had been professionally compensated as a Songwriter and earned him his first publishing contract with Peer Music. While Dream saw moderate success in the early 2000’s it was the one record given to the Barbadian princess in 2007 that to this day has been the pivotal record that changed sound and song for his generation. The song was “Umbrella,” a record written along side music legend Tricky Stewart. “Umbrella” would go on to break domestic and international records while on its way to winning the first Grammy for Rihanna and also adding another Gold statue to Shawn “Jay Z” Carter’s discography. This moment in history would pave the way for Terius. He quickly took to the airwaves as a solo artist signing to the LA Reid helmed label Def Jam by Karen Kwak and Shakir Stewart. The Dream was alive and well on his way to the charts lifting two #1 singles "Falsetto" and "I Luv Your Girl," also adding his first Gold album “Love Hate” within a year. He would go on to win BET’s Best New Artist award in 2008.  

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